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  • Mobile blindness

    You don't need a peer-reviewed study to know that when people surf the web on their smartphones, they're not going as deep. We swipe instead of...

    10:01am / 21.03.18

  • Ten Tips for More Powerful Public Speaking

    I love presenting. Standing in front of an audience fills me with adrenaline and calm at the same time. The adrenaline comes from fear and...

    05:29pm / 20.03.18

  • The beat goes on

    That's what makes it the beat. There are other things that stop. That start. That go faster or slower. But don't worry about the beat. We can't...

    08:26am / 20.03.18

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  1. Hull UK City of Culture 2017 logo 21 Mar

    The Impact of Hull UK City of Culture 2017

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  2. Yorkshire Festival logo 26 Apr

    Tour de Yorkshire mini festival this weekend

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  3. 26 Apr

    Cultural facilities in Hull are ripe with opportunity!

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