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    Are you Service Design Thinking?

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Service Design

Are you Service Design Thinking?

Our News

14 March 2013

Service Design is a growing field that takes a creative and practical approach to improve the way audiences use and interact with existing cultural services and develop new ones.

“Service Design is all about making the service you deliver useful, usable, efficient, effective and desirable.” Design Council.

Service design should be:

  • User centred - services should be experienced through the audiences/customers eyes
  • Co-creative - all stakeholders views are included in the process
  • Sequencing – visualises services as interrelated actions
  • Evidencing - makes them tangible
  • Holistic - the whole environment of a service is consider (online and offline)

Watch a short video by the creators of the publication, This is Service Design Thinking for a brief overview.

How do we use it?

There are many service design tools that &Co uses to support clients with service design thinking, such as:

  • stakeholders maps
  • user interviews
  • personas
  • storyboards
  • customer journey maps
  • workshops
  • service prototypes and many more

The visual emphasis of the tools and techniques used means that ideas are rapidly created and easy to share so that everyone’s thoughts and contributions can be included in the developing concept.

See how NESTA have been working with councils, charities and community organisations to realise the benefits of prototyping.

&Co's Director, Jane Wood,  took part in Global Service Jam 2013 during a weekend in March here in Leeds; 48 hours of service design in practice, find out more about what she got up to.

Why use service design?

There are many reasons why organisation should invest in service design and here are just a few identified by the Design Council to help you get thinking about the wider benefits of this approach to your organisation.

  • Helps your audience  know what your organisation offers, helps to delight them and make them want to come back again and again.
  • Understand how to add value and improve the visitor experience by shifting thinking away from assumptions to explore user insight and understand what people really want to make desirable solutions that meet people’s needs.
  • Enables you to use your development money wisely and limit risk by using low-cost prototypes to test concepts and refine them before committing to development.
  • Make services sustainable by thinking about them holistically and considering the needs and impact the service has on all stakeholders: your audience, front line staff, managers, policy makers.

The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art used a service design approach to improve their customer service and increase the number of return visitors.

Developing your service design thinking

&Co have recently done a lot of work gaining audience insight into existing service experiences from the visitor perspective.  This has helped our clients to improve their current offer or develop and test new solutions to enhance the visitor experience and attract new audiences.  Find out more about our approach.

We have a range of skills, knowledge and experience across art, culture, health and well-being and would love to share what we know and support your organisation to practically and co-creatively develop services that help you to exceed visitor expectation and leave them wanting more.

Contact Alison Edbury, email or Jane Wood, to find out more.