Views from May 2011

  1. Sarah Gee 31 May

    Blog: Sarah Gee, Co-Founder of Indigo Ltd on crowd-funding for the arts

  2. Tim Joss 27 May

    Blog: Tim Joss, Director of The Rayne Foundation, on business survival for the arts

Sarah Gee

Blog: Sarah Gee, Co-Founder of Indigo Ltd on crowd-funding for the arts

31 May 2011

We're pleased to welcome Sarah Gee to the &Co Views page this week! Sarah is Co-Founder of Indigo Ltd, a consultancy which increases income and impact for the arts, culture and heritage sectors and has recently launched AngelShares, a philanthropic crowd-funding site for arts and other creative projects which she founded.

Sarah will share her expertise on crowd-funding at our upcoming Industry Briefing 'Where next? Business survival for the arts', and has outlined some thoughts on the topic below.

"Einstein is alleged to have said that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results”.  Over the past twenty years, it’s arguable that that’s what some arts fundraisers have been doing.  Not that they’ve necessarily been doing anything wrong – much fundraising is common sense, like saying thank you - but sometimes we got a bit dull, a bit stuck in a rut and forgot about creativity.

In the last few years, however, shift has happened.  With dialogue and engagement being the words de jour, and the explosion in uptake of social media (particularly on mobile devices), fundraisers and marketers have a once in a generation opportunity to build relationships with new audiences, visitors and donors.  Thankfully, it’s all good timing because boy do we need new income streams! 

Come along to the &Co Industry briefing on Thursday 23 June to find out more about this perfect storm, and how crowd-funding, in particular, offers an exciting way for your organisation to fundraise and friend-raise simultaneously."